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Leak Detection and Management

Logix Water Leak Detection was founded in 2005 and operates throughout the country although based in Pretoria (Tshwane Metro Area)

Logix has the equipment to render the following services:

1. Leak Detection (Domestic , Corporate, Municipal and Industry)

2. Logging (all new meters that are logging enabled)

3. Pressure Testing (for new installations and old)

4. Pipe locating Via Third party

5. Plumbing Via third party

Domestic Leak Detection:

Leak detecting for domestic houses is a concept where leaks are pinpointed to reduce the cost of digging and the lifting of paving.

Minimizing the damage in bathrooms and kitchens where leaks are behind tiles.

Corporate / Industry / Municipalities/ Housing complexes

Water leaks can be found and pointed for repair.

Water balancing, logging of use and setting up of sections (Zones)

Establishing Minimum night flow to determine water loss

Step Testing-Eliminating leaks by checking area for area by closing valves

Pressure reducing valves (PRV) reduction of pressure to an operational acceptable level irrespective of what happens on the supply side.


All the above is done in guidance with the SABS Code of Practice

SABS 0306-1:1998 The management of potable water in distribution systems.

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