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Leak Detection and Management



1. We are NOT vat registered and therefore does not charge vat
2. Quotation only valid for 7 day’s, 50 % deposit payable if quotations is more than R10 000.00.New customers to pay first job upfront.. R550 will be charged for any quote worked out and not accepted to compensate for time spend on quotation .

3. All additional work not quoted for will be charged separate, and will be for the clients account.

Where an appointment was made and it is cancelled a cancelation fee of 50% of the quoted or standard price will be charged.

cancelation must be made 24 hrs prior to the appointment not to be charged the cancelation fee .


4. With acceptance of the quotation the client agree to pay the R1500 admin. Fee if payment is not concluded as per agreement , COD or within 3 working day’s of invoice date.

5. No work will commence without an order number or letter of appointment. Where Whatts App instruction is given, it will be deemed and official order.

6. A report can be supplied on receipt of payment.

7. Non payment that results in legal action: The client will be responsible for all legal cost, interest, tracing and collection fees. The address given will be accepted as the domicile  for the client and all correspondence will be forwarded and delivered to this address. The client will accept that any electronic communication is valid and acceptable.

It will be accepted by the client that the contract agreement will be seen as taking place in Akasia where the company is based and that the Court in this area will have jurisdiction to hear the case 

Work and general:

8. All due care will be taken during testing procedures however Logix, the owner, staff and management can’t be held responsible for any damage incurred on site.

9 No guarantee is given other than retesting of pipe work (1hr) which may be carried out if requested within 3 day’s and service had been paid in full.

10. It is understood that the client will supply the information, as location of pipes is of utmost importance. If not supplied pipe locating will be an additional expense if not quoted for.

11. It is understood that for the services rendered, accuracy is depended on the following.

A. Correct knowledge of the length of pipe

B. Correct knowledge of the make or type of pipe.

C. Correct knowledge of the layout of the articulation network.( sprinkler systems, Valves, boreholes, Tanks, Ponds. Irrigation systems cause delays in detecting leaks.

12. Where the information is supplied or estimates is used the service provider cannot be held responsible for miscalculations.

13. The following services are available as an additional service and will be charged extra if not quoted for,

A. Pipe locating

B. Valve Locating

C. Logging of water consumption and Night Flow measurements.

D. Repairs (By third party Plumbers)

E. Installation and replacement of water meters 

14. If Gas is used the owner will be responsible for any cost to insure that valves do shut of properly.

Water use and noise:

15. No water can be used on site whilst the test is conducted, in the event where the test has to be restarted additional cost will be incurred. The onus is on the client to ensure that no water is being used by the client, member of staff or any person. directly or indirectly under his /her control. By opening a tap, flushing a toilet, opening a valve or any other means. 50% of quoted price will be charged if leak detection needs to be conducted at another time due to non co- operation.

Noise: As we are conducting test with sounding equipment it will be the responsibility of the owner to ensure that all noise producing equipment is turned of like, air-conditioning, pumps , vacuum cleaners, cold rooms, radio’s, music sound systems, or any other equipment that may interfere with the correlation. If the noise can’t be turned down or switched of 50% of price quoted will be charged and leak detection will commence at another time when the interference can be turned off.
T Pieces and Joints : Testing with sound has it own draw back that a leak might be shown in an area where a T piece is in this case once the T piece is uncovered it should be left open for further test.

Night flow or high pressure leaks:

16. Some leaks are only prevalent under high pressure thus at night, in this case logging of water flow will be recommended at an additional cost.


17 Where Utilities does not conform with the National Building regulations No Liability for any information given based on non conforming utilities will be accepted by ourselves. The client will be responsible for any repairs and further test if non conforming utilities cause wrong diagnosis’s or result in damage to utilities.

19. We need to drill probing holes in tiles , cement and paving from time to time also excavate or open up utilities lines we take it that permission has been granted for this by accepting the service to be delivered.

20. Sourcing of equipment and parts will be charged at a hourly rate this include Phoning and driving around to collect these items.

21. You agree that you are of power to accept the quotation and that money is available to settle the amount quoted. Where the company fail to pay the person who gave the order for work will be held liable for all cost.

Installed equipment

1. All equipment installed remain the property of Logix water leak detection until fully paid.

2. Guarantee on installation only goes as far as manufactures guarantee and on labor as far as correct installation.

3. Only areas worked on are covered and no responsibility can be taken for areas not worked on.

Imported equipment.

1. Quoted price subject to the R/$ or R/₤ exchange rate dependent on the country of origin.

2. Price will be adjusted accordingly on date of payment to supplier where applicable.